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  1. Great photos! Don’t see the translator. I have had several blogs follow me that I would like to follow, but can’t figure out this mystery! Are you from Georgia? Any help in the translation thing would be appreciated.

  2. Yes, that’s a good video and thank you for visiting the oosterman blog. I’ll have to brush up on my Bulgarian language skills.I was born in Holland but have lived in Australia for many years. I wasn’t impressed with the Dutch entry in the Eurovision Festival. I can’t remember the Bulgarian entry. Anyway best of luck with your musical and dancing career.

  3. Много благодаря за посещението на моя блог. Много впечатлен от вашата музика и танц видео. Те сигурно може да се премести в България.
    Just brushing up on my Bulgarian. I hope you can make sense of it!

  4. Gerard, congrats. I can’t speak (or properly read) Bulgarian, but what you’ve written above makes sense to me. These Bulgarian girls in the video remind me a bit of our Kylie, the gyrating in hot pants and all that.

    Поздрав и за нашу бугарску домаћицу (на српском), можда ће разумети мало.

  5. Thank you for following me on my site. You have a beautiful looking site here. Can you tell me what language you speak so I can translate it to English … come to my site anytime and leave a message….. thanks again.

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